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The best means of protecting and monitoring your property. A range of CCTV options to suit every project.

Simple, effective CCTV that’s there when you need it.

CCTV provides visibility of your property giving you peace of mind when you are away.

We typically recommend an IP based system for new installations but can also upgrade your old system – often using the existing cable.

Control your CCTV system from your phone, with full functionality

A free app allows you to view live video, playback recorded footage and even record direct to your phone.

Videos can be stored onto a network recorder or saved to the cloud and can be viewed from a fixed screen on site or remotely via a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Why LDN for your CCTV needs?

  • Ensure you have complete visibility of your home or business premises with our state of the art technology and systems

  • A free and simple to use app, allowing you to view live video, playback historical footage and even record direct to your Smart Phone.

  • Expert team on hand to answer any questions you have or fix any issues!

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