10 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, planning on going away or just looking to make your home more secure, here are some of our top tips to improve your home security:

  1. Always set your burglar alarm
    Having a bell box on the outside of your property is a good deterrent, but a burglar alarm is only effective when it is set. You can program in different settings for different circumstances; for example, you can omit certain areas at nighttime if you still need to move around the house.

    TIP: If you use your burglar alarm for you insurance, always read the small print. Some insurers will stipulate that the alarm must be set every time the property is vacant, even if popping to the neighbours house.
  1. Keep doors and windows closed
    When you leave your property, close all windows and doors and lock them if possible. An open window can be inviting to the wrong person.
  1. Secure side gates and out buildings
    As above, if you leave a gate open, it gives easy access to the rear of sides of the property. With external buildings, these would typically contain expensive garden tools, bikes and even golf equipment. These become easy pickings if left unsecured.

    TIP: If you have multiple bikes, wrap a security chain through all of the bikes when not used, as this makes them extremely difficult to remove. The same applies for garden power tools
  1. Always give the impression that you’re at home
    By using lamps or lights with timers, this allows you to set specific times that lights will come on. This is more effective in the winter months or when you are away on holiday.

    TIP: If using multiple light/timers, try and alternate the times so they do not all come on and off at the same time. 
  1. What they can’t see, they can’t take
    If you have a clear view into your house from the street then do not leave attractive, expensive items on display. Use blinds, shutters or curtains to prevent people seeing into your property. 
  1. Add an extra layer of security
    An added layer of home security can easily achieved by installing CCTV, a Smart Doorbell, or even both. These systems can notify you via an app when motion is detected in pre-defined areas.
  1. Invest in a Safe
    A safe can be a great investment for all your valuable goods. This is also a good space to keep passports and important paperwork.

    TIP: if installing a safe yourself, always insure you can secure it to a good sound surface. A safe is also a good place to keep car keys when away on holiday. 
  1. Install Security Lights
    Having security lights with movement detectors can be a great deterrent. In low light conditions, these will activate when movement is detected illuminating the surrounding area. 
  1. Be cautious on social media
    It’s great to share on social, but always think about what you are posting. Do not publish personal information publicly about holidays, time off or expensive goods as this gives a potential burglar everything they need know about your whereabouts and what valuable items you have.
  1. Everybody needs good neighbours
    Forming good relations with your surrounding neighbours can be very helpful. When you are away on holiday they can take deliveries of parcels, ensure post isn’t building up behind your front door and keep a general eye out on your property. 

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